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FORMODAL® 024 elox
special alloy with improved anodising ability
precision milled or rough sawn

Specially for:
– tool making, mold making and model making
– laser technology
– cover plates
– printing technology
– fixture construction
– electronics and optical industry
– packaging technology
– medical technology

Available forms:
– sheets
– plates
– cuttings in nearly all requested lengths, widths and thicknesses
– circular blanks
– rings
– shaped blanks as per drawing
– parts as per drawing

Special features of this material:
– Very good machinability
– Excellent corrosion resistance
– Good welding properties
– Low stress and dimensionally stable
– Improved anodising ability through optimised casting process and special homogenisation
– Very good polishing
– Very fine-grained structure

– Tool making, mould making and model making
– Laser technology
– Cover plates
– Printing technology
– Fixture construction
– Electronics and optical industry
– Packaging technology
– Medical technology

FORMODAL® 024 elox cast plates (aluminum data sheet)

We supply aluminum sheets and plates of alloy FORMODAL® 024 elox in the following dimensions:
Thickness inchesLength x Width inches
0.197″ – 19.69″119.09″ x 61.02″


FORMODAL® 024 elox cast plates
Data Sheets Aluminum US (PDF: 255 kB)